The best online scratch card in 2022

Scratch cards with an instant win have become indispensable in digital casinos. Here you can find out everything about online scratch cards and which are the top operators. You can play online at the best scratch card providers.

In the table below you will find the legal and reputable internet casinos with the best online scratch card games and attractive welcome bonus offers.

Only a few software manufacturers offer online casino scratch cards at all. If you would like to play and win scratch cards online, you will often find the same titles in many Internet casinos. But it won't stop there, because the manufacturers have recognized that online scratch cards have great potential and that there are still many possibilities and new game functions that can be incorporated.


 Where is the best place to play scratchcards online?

So that you can find reputable online casinos for scratch cards online, I will explain to you in the next few sections what is important for online scratch cards. The most important selection criteria are the game selection, the payout rate and the welcome bonus as well as the manufacturers themselves. I will also tell you whether there are scratch cards online for free. In my scratch card online experience, the decision should not be difficult for you if you take these points into account. Also make sure that the online casinos that offer real money scratch cards have a valid EU gambling license. Then you are protected from fraud and manipulation on the site.

Although scratching tickets online lacks the great feeling of scratching away the silver lining with a 2-cent piece and the winning numbers appear, the virtual arcades are convincing with innovative game functions, mini-games, great graphics and bonus prizes when playing online scratch cards.

 The best online scratch cards

Although the selection of online scratch card games is very small compared to the slot machine casinos, the developers have come up with some ideas. Well-known slots like Medusa, Starmania or Merlin's Millions can now also be played as scratch cards. This makes it easier for many players to venture into other games of chance, because a well-known online machine inspires trust and encourages participation.

Since so far only a few online casino operators have opted for online scratch cards, you will often not find more than ten different games. Scratch Card classics include Irish Luck, Beetle Bingo and PandaMania. However, there are also some variants derived from film and television titles such as James Dean. The online scratch cards are often equipped with additional functions and mini-games, so that the fun is not too short. Because these are slowly losing their shadowy existence and the demand for new variants is constantly increasing. So that you can try it out beforehand, I have prepared a free demo version for you. This gives you a first insight into the gameplay and what to expect. Since you will be betting with play money, you do not have to fear any financial losses. If that's not enough for you, you can register in one of the online scratch card casinos I recommend and switch to real money mode. So you can then also play for real winnings and have the money paid out immediately. If this selection is not enough for you, then take a look at the best online casinos in Germany and follow the link.

The advantages of online scratch cards

Online scratch card game Rocky is played on a smartphone.

Scratch cards are not only quick and easy to play, they are also a cheap and varied alternative to the usual casino games such as online video poker or online blackjack games. Instead of scratching cards, you do it in your Internet casino with a mouse click to uncover the winning numbers one after the other - similar to the way in which you don't have to tick the boxes when playing the lottery online. In addition, you have a huge selection of motifs and topics on the Internet. So you can play scratch cards online with real money to your heart's content.

  • 24/7 Draws: Every day, any time, there's a draw somewhere in the world!
  • Free choice of lotteries: You can easily take part in lotteries online that can otherwise only be played on site!
  • Automatic win verification: All numbers are automatically verified and winnings are automatically credited!
  • Convenient on the go: With an app, you don't have to walk to the nearest kiosk to buy tickets or redeem prizes!
  • Additional promotions: Extra promotions draw additional winnings or credit free spins for other games!
  • Live chat helps with questions: You can quickly and easily write to support online if you have a question!

A look at the bonus terms and conditions

Another important point when choosing the best online scratch card casino is the welcome package that new customers can secure. In addition to free spins, you can also bring in a decent amount of extra money. However, before you register, you should compare several internet casinos with each other. Because it is important that you get a good overview of the offers, as not every bonus suits every player. I have already selected the best welcome bonus for you. However, there are no free online scratchcards without deposit with the bonus.

In addition, you should always take a look at the turnover and bonus conditions that you have to meet with the scratch card provider. Because the deadlines are often very short and it is not easy to implement the extra money. Reading the terms and conditions can already answer many questions that you may have afterwards. In the online scratch card casinos I recommend, the scratch cards are often credited 100%. So you not only have the chance to secure a decent welcome bonus, but also to use your favorite games for the implementation. This also makes the lack of free scratch cards online with no deposit bonus a little easier.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

πŸ“Œ Are children allowed to scratch off scratch cards or is that forbidden?

Children are not allowed to register in the online casino and are not allowed to buy tickets there. In Switzerland, children are already allowed to buy tickets at kiosks. In Germany and Austria only from the age of 18. Although you don't always pay attention to it. One ticket can be given away to children, but only the parents can pick up the prize.

πŸ“Œ What are the best occasions to give away scratch cards?

Probably the best occasion is New Year's Eve. Happy New Year. Lots of this type are often given away for this purpose. But the scratch cards are also well received at birthdays, weddings or at celebrations in between.

πŸ“Œ What are the chances of winning big prizes with scratch cards?

As always and everywhere luck is part of it. Check the tickets themselves for the odds. Either check the website or turn the card over. There it is noted how often certain amounts are available.

πŸ“ŒDo I need any additional software to play free scratch card games online?

No, you don't need to install any additional software, you can play all these games on your desktop PC or on your mobile devices.

πŸ“ŒWith online scratch cards, is it ensured that the results and winnings are determined randomly?

Yes. Because all online scratch card games that you can find in our database are controlled by a so-called Random Number Generator ("RNG"), which guarantees a completely random result with every game.

πŸ“ŒDo the free scratch cards work the same as those I can buy with real money?

Yes. The only difference, however, is that if you win, you won't get any winnings paid out to your casino account: but everything else is exactly the same.

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