San Diego County Senior All-Star Boys' Basketball Game

presented by the San Diego County Coaches Association

Series tied 5-5


3/24/06  South 105-103

3/30/07  South 121-114

3/21/08  North 108-93

3/27/09  South 78-75

4/9/10  North 103-87

4/22/11  North 103-100

4/13/12  North 100-99

4/12/13  South 109-101

4/18/14 South 101-98

4/17/15 North 128-94

Game Notes

Chase Budinger misses put back with 2.2 seconds left in game

Luster (assist leader) passes to Shelley (scoring leader) for game ending alley-oop

North down 15-0 in 1st quarter, wins by 15 points

S.D. County Coaches Association takes over game from CIF

Starting lineup for the north team were all from the Coastal conference

Norman Powell misses a desperation shot at the buzzer

Matt Shrigley leads the north to a come from behind victory

Xavier Williams & Brynton Lemar nearly dunk the same alley-oop

Devin Watson scores game-high 29 pts & wins 3-Point Contest, Chase Ogden wins the Slam Dunk contest

North MVP Tommy McCarthy scores 25 pts, wins 3-point contest and gets only his only dunk of his prep career

North Team Most Valuable Player

Year, Player, School

2006  James Givens, Carlsbad (CA)

2007  Tyler Bernardini, Francis Parker (San Diego, CA)

2008  Peter Smith, Escondido (CA)

2009  Luke Evans, El Camino (Oceanside, CA)

2010  Joe Hudson, Escondido (CA)

2011  Eric Norman, Francis Parker (San Diego, CA)

2012  Matt Shrigley, La Costa Canyon (Carlsbad, CA)

2013  Markel Byrd, Horizon (San Diego, CA)

2014  Marcus Graves, Westview (San Diego, CA)

2015  Tommy McCarthy, La Costa Canyon (Carlsbad, CA)


South Team Most Valuable Player

Year, Player, School

2006  Stephen Carr, Eastlake (Chula Vista, CA)

2007  Tyrone Shelley, Crawford (San Diego, CA)

2008  Chris Coleman, Serra (San Diego, CA)

2009  Damon Williams, Mira Mesa (San Diego, CA)

2010  J'Vonte Brooks, Foothills Christian (El Cajon, CA)

2011  Mike Oloya, Kearny (San Diego, CA)

2012  Chris Jones, Hoover (San Diego, CA)

2013  Niksha Federico, Cathedral (San Diego, CA)

2014  Damonte Holiday, Hoover (San Diego, CA)

2015  Austin Knox, Kearny (San Diego, CA)

Slam Dunk Champions

(in some older years slam dunk highlights can be seen in game videos)

Year, Height, Player, School

2006  6' 3", D'Angelo Whitehead, Scripps Ranch

2007  6' 6", Greg Murray, Serra

2008  6' 3", Daniel Trammel, El Camino

2009  6' 5", David Washington, University City

2010  6' 2", Troy Leaf, Foothills Christian

2011  6' 4", Norman Powell, Lincoln

2012  6' 1", Dalante Dunklin, Francis Parker

2013  6' 4", Xavier Williams, Cathedral

2014  6' 4", Chase Ogden, Carlsbad

2015  6' 3", Kris Johnson, Mira Mesa 


3-Point Shooting Champions 

(some 3-point highlights can be seen in game videos)

Year, Player, School

2006  Nedal Tartir, Orange Glen

2007  Greg Grimm, Rancho Buena Vista 

2008  Remil Landrum, Morse 

2009  Tyler Cassett, Canyon Crest 

2010  Kalob Hatcher, Foothills Christian 

2011  Johnny Dee, Rancho Buena Vista 

2012  Tyson Kygar, El Camino 

2013  Cody Hicks, Mission Hills

2014  Devin Watson, El Camino

2015  Tommy McCarthy, La Costa Canyon


Points Scored in All-Star Game Since 2007

20+ Points

Year:  Points Scored, Player, School, College, Notes

2007:  33 Pts, Tyrone Shelley, Crawford, San Diego State, career section scoring record

2014:  29 Pts, Devin Watson, El Camino, USF, 3-Point champion

2008:  25 Pts, Peter Smith, Escondido, USF, North Team MVP, won appeal to play fifth year of high school

2014:  25 Pts, Marcus Graves, Westview, Sacramento State, North Team MVP

2015:  25 Pts, Tommy McCarthy, La Costa Canyon, Harvard

2008:  22 Pts, James Rahon, Torrey Pines, San Diego State

2011:  22 Pts, Johnny Dee, Rancho Buena Vista, USD

2007:  21 Pts, Tyler Bernardini, Francis Parker, Pennsylvania, North Team MVP

2009:  21 Pts, Luke Evans, El Camino, California Baptist (NAIA), North Team MVP

2014:  21 Pts, Spencer Mattox, Sweetwater

2007:  20 Pts, David Jefferson, Helix Charter, Cal State San Bernardino (II)

2011:  20 Pts, Angelo Chol, Hoover, San Diego State, Career blocks record

2014:  20 Pts, Damonte Holiday, Hoover, South Team MVP

19 Points

2012:  Matt Shrigley, La Costa Canyon, San Diego State, North Team MVP

2013:  Niksha Federico, Cathedral, South Team MVP

2014:  Evan Fitzner, Francis Parker, St. Mary’s

2015:  Austin Knox, Kearny, South Team MVP

18 Points

2007:  Marquise Carter, Horizon, Gonzaga

2008:  Chris Coleman, Serra, South Team MVP

2012:  Dayton Boddie, El Camino, UC Riverside

2012:  Chris Jones, Hoover, Biola, South Team MVP

17 Points

2010:  Joe Hudson, Escondido, North Team MVP

2011:  Eric Norman, Francis Parker, SMU, North Team MVP

2011:  Norman Powell, Lincoln, UCLA, Slam Dunk champion

2015:  Jack Beach, Torrey Pines

16 Points

2008:  Taylor Darby, Mission Hills, Pepperdine

2012:  Joe Rahon, Torrey Pines, Boston College

2013:  Andre Nikita, El Cajon Valley

15 Points

2007:  Kris Corso, La Costa Canyon, California Baptist (NAIA)

2008:  Patrick McCollom, San Diego, USD

2009:  Idris Ibn Idris, Hoover, UC Riverside

2010:  Maliik Love, Bishop’s, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

2012:  Jerald Albritton, Mission Bay

2013:  Grant Corsi, Santa Fe Christian


North Team Coaching Staff

Year, Position, Name, School

2006 Head Coach:  Dave Cassaw, La Costa Canyon (Carlsbad, CA)

2006 Assistant Coach:  Randy Wright, Santa Fe Christian (Solana Beach, CA)

2007 Head Coach:  Waheed Mitchell, Horizon (San Diego, CA)

2007 Assistant Coach:  Tyrone Hopkins, Horizon (San Diego, CA)

2008 Head Coach:  John Maffucci, Army-Navy (Carlsbad, CA)

2008 Assistant Coach:  Curtis Hofmeister, Mission Hills (San Marcos, CA)

2009 Head Coach:  Tom Tarantino, Bishop's (La Jolla, CA)

2009 Assistant Coach:  Dante Carey, San Marcos (CA)

2010 Head Coach:  Tyrone Hopkins, Horizon (San Diego, CA)

2011 Head Coach:  Terry Miller, Rancho Buena Vista (Vista, CA)

2011 Assistant Coach:  David Morris, Rancho Buena Vista (Vista, CA)

2012 Head Coach:  Charlie Mercado, Vista (CA)

2013 Head Coach:  Curtis Hofmeister, Mission Hills (San Marcos, CA)

2014 Head Coach:  Tyrone Hopkins, Horizon (San Diego, CA)

2015 Head Coach:  Brad Hollingsworth, Calvin Christian (Escondido, CA)


South Team Coaching Staff

Year, Position, Name, School

2006 Head Coach:  Alex Estrada, Eastlake (Chula Vista, CA)

2006 Assistant Coach:  John King, Scripps Ranch (San Diego, CA)

2007 Head Coach:  John King, Scripps Ranch (San Diego, CA)

2007 Assistant Coach:  Ollie Goulston, Hoover (San Diego, CA)

2008 Head Coach:  Kamal Assaf, La Jolla (CA)

2008 Assistant Coach:  Howard Suda, Otay Ranch (Chula Vista, CA)

2009 Head Coach:  Dean Regas, Mira Mesa (San Diego, CA)

2009 Assistant Coach:  Terry Stonebraker, University City (San Diego, CA)

2010 Head Coach:  Jay Rowlett, Mount Miguel (Spring Valley, CA)

2011 Head Coach:  Jason Bryant, Lincoln (San Diego, CA)

2011 Assistant Coach:  Anthony Tucker & Mark McCann, Lincoln (San Diego, CA)

2012 Head Coach:  Terry Tucker, San Ysidro (San Diego, CA)

2013 Head Coach:  Mike Haupt, St. Augustine (San Diego, CA)

2014 Head Coach:  Jesse Aguirre, Sweetwater (National City, CA)

2015 Head Coach:  Marty Ellis, El Cajon Valley (El Cajon, CA)