CIF-San Diego Section

Division Alignments

Beginning in the fall of 2013 (with a pilot program in spring of 2013) the CIF-San Diego Section began sorting division alignment by a ranking based on program strength, not school enrollment.  The sports that are individually based like cross country, tennis and golf remained enrollment based in their divisions.  The division proposal dates back to January 23, 2012 and began in October 2011.



The Division Alignment Rules

Each year, at the end of each season, teams will be ranked on a history of data that is weighted, and will be placed in divisions based on that weighted ranking.  Years will be weighted as follows and will be adjusted annually:  

Most Recent Year:  35% 

2nd Most Recent Year:  30% 

3rd Most Recent Year:  20% 

4th Most Recent Year:  10% 

5th Most Recent Year:  5% 

Additional Rules

Teams can only move up or down two divisions in 2013-14 and all future years only move up or down one division per year.

The Commissioner will place teams in a division without previous rankings (new schools, teams).

In football, schools with an enrollment of 1,250 or more cannot be placed below division IV.

The top or open division in each sport will have 8 teams, all 8 teams will qualify for the section playoffs and will have first consideration for state playoffs.

Each school will have 15 days, from the initial posting date, to petition for a change of division.  Below are the posting dates:

Fall sports:  January 15th

Winter sports:  April 15th

Spring sports:  July 15th

Only three reasons are considered for petition changes: 

1.  Statistical error in determining the ranking

2.  Request to move to a higher division and only if another team is willing to move down to replace the team moving up.

3.  Dispute of Commissioner's placement for teams with no rankings. 

The CIF office has the authority to adjust a school's placement if the enrollment has changed dramatically or there is a grossly misplaced team. 


Final divisions will be posted: 

Fall Sports:  February 5th

Winter Sports:  May 5th

Spring Sports:  August 5th

Sports Using MaxPreps Freeman Ratings


Basketball, Boys

Basketball, Girls


Volleyball, Girls

Sports Using LaxPower Ratings

Lacrosse, Boys

Lacrosse, Girls

Sports with Rankings Yet to be Determined

(will use enrollment until rankings can be established) 

Field Hockey

Soccer, Boys

Soccer, Girls


Water Polo, Boys

Water Polo, Girls

Sports That Remain in Enrollment Based Divisions

Fall Sports

Cross Country, Boys

Cross Country, Girls

Golf, Girls

Tennis, Girls


Wrestling, Boys

Wrestling, Girls


Golf, Boys


Swimming, Boys

Swimming, Girls

Tennis, Boys

Track & Field, Boys

Track & Field, Girls