20th Annual MaxPreps Holiday Classic

December 26-30, 2009 hosted by Torrey Pines (San Diego, CA)


2009 National Division at Torrey Pines


Champion:  St. Patrick (Elizabeth, NJ)

2nd Place:  Newark Memorial (Newark, CA) 

3rd Place:  Centennial (Corona, CA)

4th Place:  Taft (Woodland Hills, CA) 

5th Place:  Price (Los Angeles, CA) 

6th Place:  Eisenhower (Rialto, CA) 

7th Place:  Bishop O’Dowd (Oakland, CA) 

Consolation Champion (9th Place):  Leuzinger (Lawndale, CA)

10th Place:  Lutheran (La Verne, CA)

11th Place:  McClymonds (Oakland, CA)

12th Place:  Compton (CA)

Tied for 13th Place:  Mesa (AZ) 

Tied for 13th Place:  Ironwood Ridge (Tucson, AZ)   

Tied for 15th Place:  Fairfax (Los Angeles, CA)

Tied for 15th Place:  Franklin (Seattle, WA) 

DAY 1:  Saturday, December 26th

National Division 1st Round

Foothills Christian def. Lutheran 83-80

Eisenhower def. Compton 69-48

Centennial def. Franklin 75-53

Bishop O'Dowd def. Leuzinger 63-62

Newark Memorial def. Fairfax 50-34

Price def. McClymonds 74-48

Taft  def. Mesa 87-55

St. Patrick def. Ironwood Ridge 83-35

Eisenhower def. Foothills Christian 92-80 (2nd game for Foothills)

DAY 2:  Monday, December 28th

National Division Consolation Quarterfinals

Leuzinger def. Mesa 64-61

McClymonds def. Fairfax 37-36

Lutheran def. Ironwood Ridge 64-55

Compton def. Franklin 75-52

National Division Quarterfinals

Newark Memorial def. Price 43-42

Taft def. Bishop O'Dowd 53-46

Centennial  def. Eisenhower 87-65

St. Patrick had a Quarterfinal bye

DAY 3:  Tuesday, December 29th

National Division Consolation

Mesa def. Fairfax 60-57

Ironwood Ridge def. Franklin 60-56 (OT)

Price def. Bishop O'Dowd 62-49

Bishop O'Dowd def. Foothills Christian 68-54

National Division Consolation Semifinals

Leuzinger def. McClymonds 49-48

Lutheran def. Compton 71-65

National Division Semifinals

Newark Memorial def. Taft 48-41

St. Patrick def. Centennial 95-67

DAY 4:  Wednesday, December 30th

Cross-Over Game

Bishop O'Dowd def. Yale (B.C., Canada) 68-54

National Division Consolation

Ironwood Ridge def. Fairfax 68-45

Mesa def. Franklin 73-71

National Division 11th Place

McClymonds def. Compton 66-62

National Division Consolation Championship (9th Place)

Leuzinger def. Lutheran 58-53

National Division 5th Place

Price def. Eisenhower 76-74

National Division 3rd Place

Centennial def. Taft 75-61

National Division Championship

St. Patrick def. Newark Memorial 66-43


National Division Most Valuable Player

Kyrie Irving, St. Patrick (Elizabeth, NJ)

National Division All-Tournament Team

Derrick Gordon, St. Patrick (Elizabeth, NJ)

Michael Gilchrist, St. Patrick (Elizabeth, NJ)

Khion Sankey, Newark Memorial (Newark, CA)

Kendall Andrews, Newark Memorial (Newark, CA)

Dominique Dunning, Centennial (Corona, CA)

Pierson Williams, Taft (Woodland Hills, CA)

Brandon Ashley, Bishop O’Dowd (Oakland, CA)

Allen Crabbe, Price (Los Angeles, CA)

Alex Varner, Eisenhower (Rialto, CA)

Roy Gordan, Leuzinger (Lawndale, CA)

Grant Jerrett, Lutheran (LaVerne, CA)

Jahii Carson, Mesa (AZ)


2009 National Division at Torrey Pines


National Division Most Valuable Player

Kyrie Irving '10, St. Patrick (Elizabeth, NJ)

National Division All-Tournament

Michael Gilchrist '11, St. Patrick (Elizabeth, NJ)

Dominique Dunning '11, Centennial (Corona, CA)

Allen Crabbe '10, Price (Los Angeles, CA)

Jahii Carson '11, Mesa (AZ)

Other Players from the National Division

Brandon Ashley '12, Bishop O’Dowd (Oakland, CA)

Bryan Bock '10, Eisenhower (Rialto, CA)

Lance Booker '12, Leuzinger (Lawndale, CA)

De Andre Daniels '11, Taft (Woodland Hills, CA)

Kalob Hatcher '10, Foothills Christian (El Cajon, CA) 

Bryce Jones '10, Taft (Woodland Hills, CA)

Richard Solomon '10, Price (Los Angeles, CA)

Geluan Wheelwright '11, Centennial (Corona)

Kendall Williams '10, Los Osos (Rancho Cucamonga, CA)

Other Players from the American Division

Dennis Kramer '10, La Costa Canyon (Carlsbad, CA)

Matt Shrigley '12, La Costa Canyon (Carlsbad, CA)